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Genji Wheeleez balloon tires fishing cart, beach cartGenji Wheeleez balloon tires fishing cart, beach cartGenji Sports Wheeleez fishing cart, beach cart. Steel tubes frame with electrodeposited anti-rust coating, quick release foldable handle, built-in 4 fishing rod holders. Removable 22cm dia. wheels reduce storage volume, it can be easily put inside the car trunk. Special wheeleez balloon tires make it possible to use on the beach, mud, grass and rough rocky off roads. Best gift for all fishermen !!!

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Regular price: $192.00
Sale price: $159.00

Genji  Ahead 360 Nano badminton rackets package sale!Genji Ahead 360 Nano badminton rackets package sale!Don't Miss This Special Sale! Limited Quantity! Get these two most advanced tournament grade rackets for the upcoming badminton season. The package including one Genji Nano 360 Kevlar 7600Z, A new 2014 model with 360 degree Kevlar Graphite composite re-enforced head, ultra light weight, excellent control solid racket and one  New Nano Power F10,  40 Ton  high modulus graphite  composite, 360 degree EFImesh re-enforced head, well balanced, powerful racket. Nano power 7600Z is pre-strung at 22lb~23lb with 21G Genji fiber string. Nano Power F8 is pre-strung with 21G Fiber string at 22~23 lb. Package also including one thermal bag and 2 hi-soft over grips, one cushion grip.

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Genji Nano  badminton racket package #3Genji Nano badminton racket package #3

One Genji Nano Power Ahead 360 Nano F10, special 360 EFG titanium reinforced tournament racket, strung with 21G Titanium string at ~22 lb; One Genji Nano Power Nano F-8CX  tournament micro carbon graphite racket, strung with 21G fiber string at 22 lb; one dual rackets thermal bag; two over grips and one Towel grip.

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Indoor Badminton ShoesIndoor Badminton ShoesThis badminton shoes are designed for badminton sport usage. It is the most commonly badminton shoes used in Chinese teams. Light and flexible, high soft cushion, unique protective feet support. Size from USA size 6 up to USA size 10. (Chinese size 245 to size 270). White Canvas top, non-slip rubber bottom.

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Regular price: $39.00
Sale price: $16.95

Push up instant beach tent sunshelterPush up instant beach tent sunshelterNew push up instant beach tent, setup in 3 seconds, folds down in 5 second, no need to have special twist skill, very easy to use just like opening and closing an umbrella. Durable UV 50+ protective coated 190T Nylon material to block the harmful UV rays, it provides the shade for your family. 2 side fine mesh screen to block the sand. 4 built-in sand pockets and 4 sand stakes to keep the tent on the ground. Tent and floor material meet CPAI-84 fire retardant standard. Light weight only 5.6 lb, durable fiberglass frames; tent comes with a carrying bag. Dimensions: 220cm or 86" (L) x 150cm or 59" (W)x 110cm or 43" (H). This beach tent sunshelter is large enough for a adult and many kids.

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Regular price: $89.95
Sale price: $68.00

Portable indoor outdoor badminton post and netPortable indoor outdoor badminton post and netNew improved model, easier and more stable than last model. Portable Indoor/outdoor IBF Standard badminton post and net set. Patented design, stand along by itself. No need to drill holes on the floor or tight to the wall. Light weight 13 lb, easy to assembly and dis-assembly, setup a double players court within 3 minute. Comes with a post components organizer and a carrying bag, also includes 4 ground stake and 2 ropes for outdoor use in a windy day. Best product in the market at the best price. Suitable for all sizes of gym, company warehouse, church and high ceiling office.

Special promotional price $159 (regular $199)Call for discount shipping rate to Canada. Please note: USPS priority mail takes 2-3 days to deliver, it costs $54.95, UPS ground shipping is Free(shipping charge will be refunded back to you),takes 5 to 7 days

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Genji Ahead 360  badminton racket Nano Kevlar 8000SGenji Ahead 360 badminton racket Nano Kevlar 8000SMOST Advanced 360 degree ultimate Kevlar mesh en-enforced Head Racket! All 360 degree covered by Kevlar mesh re-enforced composite. it gives you solid smash Power, excellent control and ultra light weight ! Tension: Main: 18-26 lbs, Cross: 18-26 lbs; Weight: approx. 83+/- 2 grams (w/o string); String:Pre-strung with Genji 21G fiber string @ 22lb Free!; Shipped with a full size racket cover.

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Genji Badminton Racket Ahead 360 Nano Kevlar 7200ZGenji Badminton Racket Ahead 360 Nano Kevlar 7200ZGenji Sport Ahead 360 Nnao Kevlar re-enforced head with Nano Technology coating. This is a most current model, light weight, slim body, excellent control tournament grade racket at a very affordable price.

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Regular price: $186.00
Sale price: $99.00

Futabaya F-8000 super light badminton racketFutabaya F-8000 super light badminton racketIf you are looking for the lightest racket, this F-8000 is the best choice in the market. F-8000 is made in Taiwan with 100% high modulus graphite with most current Nano Technology, the racket frame weight only 77g. After stringing, it weights 80g with string. It is a light weight yet solid feel tournament grade racket, very fast and easy to control, most suitable for double players’ game. Genji Sports is offering a special promotional price for limited time only.

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Regular price: $156.00
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