Factory original .75mm Fiber badminton string (50 sets)

Factory original .75mm Fiber badminton string (50 sets)
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Product Description

Are you looking for an Ultra Durable badminton string? Try Genji .75 mm fiber

This 50 sets bulk pack .75mm badminton fiber string is the best buy for badminton club, school badminton team, badminton stringer and coach. The 0.75mm string is built to last, normally it used by badminton racket manufacturers for high end tournament grade pre-strung rackets, because it is made from multifilament fibers, the string has better playability, which means better feels, quicker response and stronger smash power, also it holds the string tension for good period of time. These great string features are not a single core nylon string can compare with. The 0.75mm multifilament fiber badminton string is very hard to find in the retail market, most of the retail strings are between 0.65mm to 0.70mm, these strings don’t last and loose tension easily. Genji Sports offer 3 sets package test deal, if you’d like to try the string first before placing order for 50 set, please go to option button and choice the 3 sets trail package at special price.