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Football Training Kits
Football Training Kits
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Product Description

*Ball has a tacky surface and is made from rugged composite leather 
*Pro-grip lacing for a "real game" feel 
*Heavy duty elastic cord is specifically designed for a "one bounce return (TM) " 
*Removable Youth-sized ball - use as a trainer or a football ? Adjustable Neoprene Belt Fits Waists     from 22" - 38" 
*# sizes available :RZ Trainer Youth suiteable for age 9 to 14, RZ trainer Pee Wee for age 9 and below, RZ trainer Pro for age 15 and above. 

* Mobility:
The RZ TRAINER is a completely mobile trainer. Take advantage of this by hitting targets on the run. Practice throwing after completing backdrop steps or while on a roll out.

* Catching:
Throw the RZ TRAINER in different arcs to get a variety of different returns. Including this in your drill with improve your catching ability and help develop "soft hands".

* Fumble Recovery:
By throwing the RZ TRAINER underhanded, the ball will come back in a tumble, allowing you to practice fumble recovery and improve your hand-eye coordination.

* Passing Accuracy:
Improve your passing accuracy by using targets. Use cones or natural markers such as trees or poles. Throw towards target to improve passing accuracy.