Hit-A-Way Baseball, Softball Trainer

Hit-A-Way Baseball
Hit-A-Way Baseball
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Product Description

Hit-A-Way Title Series Baseball or Softball Trainer This Title Series edition is the most up to date and effective Hit-A-Way to come to market. Product and material improvements make for better pacing and long lasting durability. Improve your hand-eye coordination with this training aid that works as your own personal batting instructor. Easily adjustable to hit high, middle or low balls. You can also practice switch hitting. Quickly attaches to any pole or tree.

Reggie Jackson (Hall of Fame, 1993) recommends this trainer and has made valuable contributions towards its improvement.

If you are looking for easy setup convenience, consider buying the portable Hit-A-Way pole. Great for setting up a practice station next to your game.

Single hitters become doubles hitters with Hit-A-Way!

Wear a helmet with a face guard!

It's recommended that you use a practice bat with your Hit-A-Way. Much like the balls in a batting cage, the durable materials are meant to last and should not be used with a high end aluminum or wood bat.