Swing Machine, Slim belt machine at whloesale price.

Massage Machines
Personal massage machine is the new Genji Sports product line. As other Genji's products, we picked the highest quality vendors with the most aggressive price, imports directly from these manufacturers and then sell to the on-line shopper like you at the lowest price. There are many reviews regarding the Personal Swing Machine (Chi Machine), this is a passive exerciser or massage machine that simulate fish swimming motion to help you reach total physical and mental relaxation. The Slim belt machine is also a passive massager, it designed to massage muscles including all areas in your back without other people's help. Belt massager has 6 different speed to choice from, three optional massage belts for different comfort levels, this is the ultimate massager that could use for all family members.

Swing Machine DS-087
A passive exercise machine helps you complete the necessary daily work out without any effort. If you are too exhausted to exercise after work, the DS-087 swing machine is the perfect exercise massager for you.This “fish swimming?simulation exercise not only has the capability to ease your mental stress, fatigue, and anxiety, but can also relieve your physical pressure and increase your blood circulation.
Regular price: $269.00
Sale price: $87.00
Beauty Slim Machine , Massage machine DS-03
Beauty slim massage machine, 5 massage speeds, safety front handles, easy to assembly. This is the best massager to massage your back without asking anybody's help. DS-03 comes with a standard flat massage belt. Optional massage belts are available for $20 each.
Regular price: $289.00
Sale price: $169.00
Massage machine, Slim Machine DS-166T
Beauty slim massage machine, massage your back without other people's help. 6 massage speeds, adjustable heights, digital massage time counter, built-in turn plate. DS166T massage machine comes with all assembly tools and a flat belt. Optional massage belts are available at $20 each.
Regular price: $279.00
Sale price: $189.00
Shoulder and Neck Massager
This tapping, pounding style Shoulder and neck massager targets different parts of the body such as the neck, shoulder, lower back, butt, waist, and thighs areas. It is a perfect solution to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness by pounding directly at the spot. The massager is made from medical grade material,
Regular price: $148.00
Sale price: $108.00