The Players, Toss, & Scoring

The Players, Toss, & Scoring
5.The Players

5(a) The word "Player" applies to all those taking part in a game.

5(b) The game shall be played, in the case of the doubles game, by two players a side and in the case of the singles game, by one player a side.

5(c) The side for the time being having the right to serve shall be called the "In" side, and the opposing side shall be called the "Out" side.

6.The Toss Before commencing play, the opposing sides shall toss, and the side winning the toss shall have the option of:

(a) Serving first:

(b) Not serving first; or

(c) Choosing ends.

The side losing the toss shall then have choice of any alternative remaining.

7.The Scoring

7(a) The doubles and meníŽs singles game consists of 15 points provided that, when the score is 14-all, the side which first reached 14 has the option of "setting" the game to 3. After a game has been "set" the score is called "love-all", and the side which first scores 3 points wins the game. If players choose to "set", the score is no longer called "love-all"; instead the score continues to be called to 17. In either case, the claim to "set" the game must be made before the next service is delivered after the score has reached 14-all.

7(b) The ladiesíŽ singles game consists of 11 points. Provided that when the score is "9-all" the player who first reached 9 has the option of "setting" the game to 3, and when the score is "10-all" the player who first reached 10 has the option of "setting" the game to 2 3.

7(c) A side rejecting the option of "setting" at the first opportunity shall not thereby be debarred from "setting" if a second opportunity arises.

7(d) Notwithstanding paragraph (a) above, it is permissible by prior arrangement for only one game to be played and also for this to consist of 21 points, in which case "setting" shall be as for the game of 15 points with scores of 19 and 20 being substituted for 14 respectively.

7(e) In handicap games "setting" is not permitted.

8.The opposing sides shall contest the best of three games, unless otherwise agreed. The players shall change ends at the commencement of the second game and also of the third game (if any). In the third game the players shall change ends when the leading score reaches:

8(a) 8 in a game of 15 points;

8(b) 6 in a game of 11 points;

or in handicap events, when one of the sides has scored half the total number of points required to win the game (the next highest number of points to win the game - the next highest number being taken in case of fractions). When it has been agreed to play only one game the players shall change ends as provided above for the third game. In a game of 21 points, the players shall change ends when the leading score reaches 11 or in handicap games as indicated above.

If, inadvertently, the players omit to change ends as provided in this Law at the score indicated, the ends shall be changed immediately when the mistake is discovered, and the existing score shall stand.