Game Rules: The Racket

Game Rules: The Racket
4(f)(i) The hitting surface of the racket shall be flat and consist of a pattern of crossed strings connected to a frame and alternatively interlaced or bonded where they cross - and the stringing pattern shall be generally uniform and, in particular, not less dense in the centre than in any other area.

4(f)(ii) The frame of the racket, including the handle, shall not exceed 680mm (26 3/4 inches) in overall length and 230mm (9 1/16 inches) in overall width.

4(f)(iii) The overall length of the head shall not exceed 290mm (11 7/16 inches).

4(f)(iv) The strung surface area shall not exceed 280mm (11 inches) in overall length and 220mm (8 5/8 inches) in overall width.

4(f)(v) The frame, including the handle, and the strings shall be free of attached objects and protrusions, other than those utilized solely and specifically to limit or prevent wear and tear, or vibration, or to distribute weight, or to secure the handle by cord to the playerˇ¦s hand, and which are reasonable in size and placement for such purposes; and shall be free of any device which makes it possible for a player to change materially the shape of the racket.

The International Badminton Federation shall rule on the question of whether any racket or prototype complies with the above specifications or is otherwise approved or not approved for play. Such ruling may be undertaken on its own initiative or upon application by any party with a bona fide interest therein, including any player, equipment manufacturer or National Association or member thereof.