Soccer Training Complete kit

Soccer Training Complete kit
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Product Description

Star Kick Players Get More Touches - Star Kick offers a hands-free challenge that allows players to maximize the number of touches on the ball - by themselves!

Builds Skills - Star Kick develops confidence and strengthens kicking, shooting, trapping and throw-in skills. It is the most versatile soccer-training device on the market.

Note:Soccer ball is not included!

Improves Coordination - Star Kick improves reaction time and coordination in both feet for maximum flexibility.

Easy To Use - Star Kick is easy to put on and take off. Durable - The patented neoprene glove holds up to the most aggressive play.

Safe - No more chasing the ball into the street or damaging the garage. Parents love this feature. Challenging & Fun - The braided elastic cord offers smooth and realistic action. Players use it more frequently because it's fun to use.

PS:Professional Soccer ball is included!