The High Speed 190mph Ultimate game

Speedminton complete set
Speedminton complete set
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Introducing SPEEDMINTON.  A high-energy, addictive game combining the best dimensions of tennis, badminton and racquetball.  Easy to learn, hard to master, this game can be played anywhere.  Use the dimensions of a tennis court, but you don't need a net to play.  Fun and portable like badminton.  An aerobic and competitive sport like racquetball.

No limits - Speedminton can be played anywhere, anytime, even at night.  Choose from 3 Speeders:  Match, Fun or Night for Competitive, Freestyle or Night play. Top speed up to 190 mph, this is the best tool for high speed eyes-hand coordination training. 


Speedminton PRO Boxed Set includes:

  • 2- Speedracquets:  High Quality, Extruded Aluminum for Maximum Durability
  • 3 - Speeders:  Made from patented, aerodynamic materials, each for a different kind of Play
  • 4 - Speedlights:  For Up To Three Hours of After Dark Play
  • 1 - Speedbag:  For Carrying Portability
  • 1- Wind Ring:  For All Weather Play
  • 1 - Easy Court:  Set Up A Competitive Court With These Eight Cones