Swing Machine DS-087

Swing Machine DS-087
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Product Description

Swing Machine DS-087

A passive exercise machine helps you complete the necessary daily work out without any effort. If you are too exhausted to exercise after work, the DS-087 swing machine is the perfect exercise massager for you.  Just lie down and turn on the swing machine at your desired speed (1 to 5 speed) then set the exercise time (Max. 15 minute).  Now you can enjoy 100% relaxation as this machine swings your legs as well as your body and internal organs at many comfortable speeds. This “fish swimming?simulation exercise not only has the capability to ease your mental stress, fatigue, and anxiety, but can also relieve your physical pressure and increase your blood circulation.

DS-087 Swing Machine Features:  

*5 speeds control from 120 rpm  (1st spd.) up to 160 rpm (5th spd.)

*Auto stop timer from 1 to 15 minutes

*Comfortable soft ankle support

*Compact and easy to carry

*Manufacturer defect free 90 days parts and labor warranty, one

  year motor life warranty.

No medical claims are warranted or implied of using swing machine, if you have any doubt of using this swing exerciser, please consult your physician. If you prefer to have machine shipped via UPS ground instead of USPS Priority mail, the shipping charge will be $25.Please email to "bozemaninc@yahoo.com" to let us know your choice, we'll adjust the shipping class for you. Thank you.