Winex Nano Woven 108

Winex Nano Woven 108
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Product Description

New Nano technology rackets are using Micro level SIO2 ( Silicon Dioxide ) coating to  seep into the gaps of textile fibers, reinforced the linkage between carbon fibers in both vertical and horizontal directions to construct the new nano carbon graphite. This special SIO2   Nano treatment increases the graphite density without increasing overall racket weight. It also makes the racket body more persistent and durable compare with regular carbon graphite rackets, and yet, it still maintains the flexibility and ultra light weight properties that a good tournament grade racket must have.

Racket Specifications

Frame: Ultra ISO frame with Woven mesh re-enforced on the racket head and shaft. Nano Resin Carbon Technology

Shaft: Nano Resin Carbon Graphite with Woven Mesh re-enforced

Flexibility: Medium stiff

Weight: 82g without string, 85 with string

Grip Size: L2

Tension Ranges: 20lb ~ 25lb, pre-strung with 22g fiber string at 22 lb tension

Balance point: 282 mm

Special: Comes with full size racket bag